Why choose us

Outdoor learning specialist
At Merindah Children’s Centre we have a dedicated Outdoor Educator who focusses on the outdoor learning environment to provide meaningful learning experiences that promote each and every child’s development and participation in being physically active. This educator works collaboratively with your child’s primary educators being together a risk and holistic learning environment seamlessly across all the whole service.

Serving our local community since 1991
Did you know that Merindah Children’s Centre has been part of the local community since 1991. Second generation children are now proudly attending the service as their parents once did. Merindah Children’s Centre holds the highest quality rating available and continues to be one of the most highly rated quality services in the Newcastle region.

University qualified teachers
At Merindah Children’s Centre we believe that 0-5 years is the most critical time in a child’s life for learning and development. Due to the importance of this time in your child’s life we employ highly qualified university trained teachers who oversee the design and delivery of the education program of the service in collaboration with highly skilled and experienced diploma qualified educators. All team leaders (2 in each room) Early Childhood Teachers or Diploma Qualified educators who have a proven track record as a quality educator.

Infants to school age
We educate and care for infants through Preschool until they commence formal schooling. Once you join the Merindah Community you become part of a bigger family where you feel you valued, familiar and have a sense of belonging. We have an extensive ‘Exceeding’ Preschool program which supports your child ready to commence Kindergarten.

Exceeding Preschool Program
University trained teachers and diploma qualified educators oversee the design and delivery of our quality Preschool program at the service. We have two preschool programs one for children who are eligible to attend school the following year, as well as a one for children who are two years prior to starting school. Both groups’ learning is designed knowing each and every child, their strengths, interest, current knowledge and abilities.

We have a strong focus on school readiness and transition to school supporting your child have a confident self- identity, be resilient, competent and capable learner ready for school and their future. We work closely with local schools collaborating with them to path a seamless transition for you and your family into formal schooling.

An extension of your family
When you first enrol at Merindah Children’s Centre you begin a relationship with a community, a ‘special family’ that will be part of your child’s life for the next 5 years or until they commence school. You feel comfortable and confident in the care and education that your child is receiving. It will be a place that your child will want to come to play and learn, a place where they build relationships with peers, their educators and other families. At Merindah Children’s Centre there is a vibe that you truly belong and are valued as a parent and as a member of the community.