What to Bring

All children will need:

  • A sunsafe hat (legionnaire or broad brimmed style)
  • At least 2 sets of spare clothes (no sleeveless outdoor clothing)
  • Cot sized sheet set
  • A labelled water bottle
  • Morning tea of fruit, cheese or yogurt
  • A healthy low fat and sugar lunch preferable packed with preservative free foods
  • A healthy afternoon tea.
  • Infants will also need bottles of milk, water with measured powdered formula, dummies and 4-5 nappies per day

A list of appropriate food choices will be provided on enrolment. The service does not provide food as many of our families prefer their children to eat food from home. Our lower fees reflect that food is not provided. Please ensure that children’s belongings be clearly labelled.

What if my child has additional needs?
If your child has any additional need or a medical condition it is important that you disclose this to the centre director or your child’s educators when enrolling and/or attending your orientation visits. We want to be able to best meet the needs of each and every child and we recognise that all children are individuals. When families and educators work in partnership to best meet the needs of each child the child is the greatest beneficiary. Additional funding may be available for some children when they are attending the centre to support them within the group. Together we can make a difference.