The Team: Educators educating and caring for Children at Merindah Children’s Centre
Our service has a quality team of dedicated and professional educators. Educators come from a diverse range of backgrounds with broad knowledge, skills and experience. Furthermore, the educator team is qualified beyond what is expected in terms of the legislation to operate a service. The majority of our educators are either an accredited university qualified early childhood teacher or a diploma qualified educator. We believe that highly qualified educators, who are current with their knowledge and skills are an asset to our team and enhance children’s learning. Many of our educators have worked at Merindah Children’s Centre for more than a decade and are active local community members. We also have educators from diverse cultural heritages who bring diverse knowledge, culture and language to the curriculum.

Our educator’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Diploma of Children’s Service
  • Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Studies)
  • Certificate III in Children’s Services

All permanent qualified staff have approved and current first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis qualifications. All educators are expected to undergo a CPR refresher training on an annual basis to keep their first aid qualification and skills current. There are always educators who are able to respond to first aid and medical emergencies whenever the service is operating.

All educators, volunteers, contractors and regular visitors are expected to have a registered Working with Children Check. The service then identifies and undertakes screening for all educators, volunteers, committee members and contractors (18 years and over) to be fit and proper to be involved at the service. Each person’s screening must be cleared prior to them working, volunteering or visiting the service where they have any access to children.